Name: Computerized Cutter(115-155cm)
Model: CT-115E CT-137E CT-155E

Characteristic explanation:

Double Knife Drive Arms


This machine is designed to use a double knife drive arms system which has an advantage of high speed, accurate, consistent and durable.


Japan AC Servo Controlling Program

±0.01m/m Tolerance 0.02m/m High speed and efficiency of location and shif.

Computerized Controlled Backgauge Positioning,
10.4''Color Lcd Monitor Survey

Backgauge positioning is controlled by a high speed micro computer. lt works together with a precise Servo motor to drive the backgauge. User friendly cutting program set up, high speed motion between positions, large memory capacity, high accuracy backgauge positioning, multi automatic function for repeating pattern cutting (label cutting); all these advantages make a Chun Tien Paper Cutter the Right solution to today`s high flexibility demands on all printing jobs.


Clamp Pressure Adjustment Wheel

Put by the operathing panel, so the operator could watch the pressure level and pressure regulation easily.




Computerized paper cutting machine



with both side bigger air table (100cmX100cm)



with stock lifter (fork) and bigger air table



with stock lifter (plate) and bigger air table



with both side stock lifter (fork)

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